Ok – it’s a slight exaggeration (I’ll never get old ;)), but now that I’ve got your undivided attention – what should we do about it? Whatmore, a few questions come to mind – how do we treat the elderly? What age shall we be expected to work until? How long will the younger generation be socially accepted in the homes they grew up in?

At an event last week – an excellent point was brought up. I had never stopped to think about it. In other countries – it is quite normal to be attended by an elderly person when you go to anyplace (receptionists, waiters) – I mean, if it’s a job they can do – it’s normal that they do it. Here in Spain – those jobs are quite typically assigned to young people. Do you see that changing in our cultural ADN as the population ages?

Read onto this article – it’s not the exact same topic – but more or less. So – the obvious homework for the day is answering the above questions and – let the debate begin!