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Understanding learning engagement

Photo by Priscila Du Preez @Unsplash Learning leaders have been experiencing learner pushback against poorly designed learning programs. Pushback from the leadership for not delivering enough impact is ever-increasing too. […]

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Pros and cons of gamification

Phto by Joel Abraham @Unsplash Gamification doesn’t just apply to video games. It’s everywhere. Teachers use it to educate students. Companies use it to incite sales, and organizations use it to […]

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Mobile learning for all

Photo by stem.T4L @Unsplash No one argues that training has big benefits for employees and organizations alike. But with an increasingly mobile workforce and a global majority of non-traditional office […]

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Metaverse And L&D

Photo by Julien Tromeur @Unsplash Just as the term “cyberspace” connotes a concept of an online, interconnected digital world, separate and distinct from the real world, the Metaverse, too, is […]

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Confían en nosotros

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