This is a short recap of all of the scenes with what seems like a burnt out civil servant. Have you seen this movie? Don’t shy away from it due to the fact that it is seemingly for children. The entire plot takes place in a factory, and the situations may be applied to practically any business context! Yes, you heard right.

Enjoy (this is a link to youtube)!

Suggested homework: write a similar dialogue, replacing the context with your own. Dare to use all of the business vocab presented.


Oh that darn paperwork. Wouldn’t it be easier if it all just… blew away?

Galloobe, baby.  Good morning Ras my succulent little garden snail, and who would we be scaring today?  

Wasowski, you didn’t file your paperwork last night. 

Don’t let it happen again. 

Yes. Well, I’ll try to be less careless.  

I’m watching you Wasowski, always watching.

Whoa! She’s nuts.  ‘Cause I gotta tell you buddy, that face of hers, it just makes my heart go…

Hello Wasowski, fun-filled evening planned for the night?

Well, as a matter of fact…

I’m sure you file your paperwork correctly, for once.  Your stark silence is very reassuring.

Whispering to himself: She loves me she loves me she loves me

Ras, my tender oozing blossom. You’re looking fabulous today, is that a new haircut?  Come on, tell me, it’s a new haircut, isn’t it?  It’s got to be a new haircut. New makeup, you’ve had a lift you’ve had a tuck, you’ve had something.  Something has been inserted in your skin that makes you look like…. Eeee,  listen, I need a favour.  Randall was working late last night out on the scare floor. I really need the key for the door he was using.

Well, isn’t that nice, but guess what?  You didn’t turn in your paperwork last night.

Stammering:  he didn’t, no? the paperwork?

This office is now closed.


Stay where you are, number one wants to talk to you.  Att –en – tion.

Hello boys.


Two and a half years of undercover work were almost wasted when you intercepted that child Mr. Sullivan.  Of course without your help I never would have known that this went all the way up to water liz. Now, about the girl.

I just… want to send her home.

Very good.  Bring me a door shredder.

What? You mean, you mean I can’t see her again?

That’s the way it has to be, I’ll give you five minutes. None of this ever happened gentlemen, and I don’t want to see any paperwork on this.