Everyone agrees that this is a time for deep political thought, for people to react and take action. People ARE actually voting! Changes can be made! We have all become oh too aware, that – for example – the decisions of some country folk in a different land (the main people responsible for Trump being in power) can affect – well, in this case, my son! He just bought a Huawei telephone for a “pretty penny” – just to discover a few days later that it may possibly be worthless, short-term.

This has become a trendy topic on everybody’s lips. How easily the rest of the world can see the power we have given, ignored for ourselves, as we’ve just gone on with our lives. Some say that it’s a test, to see how China reacts, some say it’s a tantrum of Trumps. Just another show of his negotiation “skills”. Yet others describe a complot to rule the world- which we all know is true.

This article sums it up quite nicely. DO ENJOY – especially the parts where it makes sense that – does this trade war continue – we are just giving all the more strength to China, as it is exactly what they needed.

Suggested homework: your thoughts – or – find me the part of the article that cites what I just described, or better yet, answer the title: What could go wrong with pushing China too far?