When was the first time you heard of Marie Kondo and her method? Under what circumstances did you have that conversation? A method to – improve your life? – to clean your house? – to end a marriage?

Yes! You heard right – the last conversation that I actually had was from a desperate wife – saying that her husband had gone crazy – even throwing out some of HER things!

Where does it all end? Where to draw the line?

For those of you who don’t realise what I’m talking about, the it topic in the recent past was the minimalistic interventions of her teachings. This article speaks about the movement (I venture to say). How less and simple leads to a happy life. It’s easy to validate (in your mind) – I mean, it’s a common practice to clear your desk off if you really want to get down and work. One seems to think better with a clear slate.

Meditation – yoga – exercise – it is all to clear your mind of noise. So this makes sense – right?

Well – what happens if you share your life, and SPACE with others? What do you do with all of your memories -acquired over the years?

So – my two bits of information is that – all is fine and dandy – as long as you agree with your partner on every single item involved in your cleansing process. I’m not sure if too many people would pass the test of that level of communication.

And you?