Drones – what outweighs their advantages?  A few years ago I met a person who was somewhat frustrated, at having started a drone company – and not having the legislation to back it up.  He was utterly convinced of the brilliant future for the technology.  This hasn’t been a topic of conversation for me since, nobody has brought it up.  I think it’s one of those “givens” – something that we just all accept as part of the onslought of technology that we will have no say in.

Let’s take traffic – for example.  It’s an honourable way for the government to keep the flash flow coming, no? In the end – it is to protect us.  The only thing is that up until now – most of us at least – could see it coming.   Well – not any more!  Beware, as this article states – you could be given a ticket by a drone!

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Questions that come to mind:  Will they eventually replace human police officers for most traffice activities?  Will it effect traffic in a positive way?  Will people become more responsible behind the wheel?

I certainly hope so!