After speaking with some of our students in the economic sector, it was brought to my attention that a topic of interest is the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS set out by the UN.  Although Number 1 is to end poverty, this week has been an interesting week for climate change, as none other than Sir David Attenborough spoke on the behalf of the people at United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland.

There is an ACT NOW bot, set up through Facebook, with active suggestions for participants on how they can help out. Find it in the link below.

Click here for the article from the UN (links to bot, video, original source).

This is quite a controversial topic in some circles. There are quite a few sceptics, official sceptics. It is an excellent source of information for language learners, as you may select levels and or topics.  Follow this link to view how each of the 200 arguments is debunked.

My question for you:

  • What would your answer be to any of the sceptic comments?  My favourite is number 9:  It hasn’t warmed since 1998.  Is that even a question?
  • Can individuals really do anything useful to help influence the future of our world insofar as climate change?  Comment on it!