How many people do you know either in GB or in Spain who are somewhat up in the air with the Brexit ordeal?  They have invested their life savings in living in Spain, or have dedicated their career to working in Great Britain – so – what will happen next? How will things continue?  Can things get even worse?  When you purchase a home in a different country, I would venture to say that it is some sort of risk, after all, one must abide by the local laws, and those are bound to change one day or another.  However, there is some underlying understanding that we all share, in the first world, that, well – everything is going to be fine – what could happen after all, eh?  Well – it can happen – and it seems that – it will!  I trust that people are getting their affairs in order, but it seems that they are quite dependant on other factors.

So – suggested homework:  read this article.

Answer the question, make a list – what would those affairs be?

Have a great day.