Everybody knows, as our dear Leonard Cohen would have said – but do they care? How much do each one of us actually appreciate how much information is collected about us and used in order to “improve our lives”? I for one, don’t mind – that much. Here’s the thing though – I don’t feel like I’m easily manipulated (sound familiar?). But I somehow also feel that – well, maybe I just don’t know enough on the topic.

Everybody was in awe and shock last year, when push came to shove, and Facebook’s (let’s be benevolent and call it “passive”) participation in the persuasion of votes in the US elections. After that incident – be honest now – how many of you actually quit facebook? What, you didn’t? Ha – I didn’t think so!

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It speaks of what I believe to be a step in the right direction. Now, in Spain, political parties will have to register as such, where all of the information will be of public knowledge, and they will be accountable for their spending.

What do you think – is it enough?