The first thing that comes to mind with a title like that – is how to introduce a topic, no? Ah, my friend – I am speaking about something much, much more important.  Just how do you introduce yourself? Does it vary in English?

This Ted Talk is an eye-opener.  And I like it.  Our introduction, obviously, is the first thing that we share about ourselves with a stranger.  How has your introduction changed over the years, has it?

I’m almost willing to bet that most of you, as I, introduce yourselves according to your JOB.  Is that how you would prefer to define yourself? Is that a bad thing?  What about – I’m the mother of, I’m the wife of – I work at –

This speaker reminds us that – as a child, we most likely introduced ourselves according to our tastes.  Hi, I’m Jo-Anne and I love ice-cream (for example).

We genuinely wanted to share a bit of ourselves with strangers. As we have matured – that was limited to something safe – socially, completely acceptable.  Don’t dare stand out.

He makes a point when he says that – you can end up with quite a few “friends” who are safe – but who you may share little in common with.  So – risk it, share yourself – and end up with the people who you have more in common with.

Of course, I believe that, depending on who you are introducing yourself to, your tone may change.  It would be quite a challenge to come up with something daring, personal – and yet accepted in any environment.

Let’s see – “Hi, I’m Jo-Anne and I absolutely love living in Spain. And you?” Another thing I absolutely love to do:  SHAKE HANDS!! It takes everybody off guard (not typically Spanish), and I guarantee that it’s a nice feeling – human pleasantries.

I’ve been going with that for quite a few years, you see – it is also a good way for me to get to know people, so few Spanish realize how simply amazing this country is. But of course, that is a topic for a different day.

Following this link, there are some safe, structured hints as to how to introduce yourself.

I prefer the video myself.

Suggested homework:

Introduce yourself! Follow the suggestions from the article, and another, form the video.  How do they differ? What do you prefer?

Enjoy, and have an amazing week.