I don’t think my huge love of musicals is shared by… any of my friends (yes – I have friends 馃槈 ).聽 I tend to think that it’s somewhat cultural – most of the musicals I know originated in the Anglo-Saxon world.聽 In the past, I think it’s safe to say that not so many people spoke English, much less understand the humour or culture.聽 I also firmly believe that speaking languages doesn’t only open doors to verbal communication, but gives individuals the opportunity to expand their horizons.聽 So – as our understanding of the world progresses with hands-on聽experience – how much do our tastes actually change?聽 Do you think there is a changing cultural acceptance in our society?

This is a string of thoughts taken from REDDIT – a go-to place for conversations where people share opinions.聽 I highly recommend it for language learners.聽 Enter – participate (unanimously)!聽 That is the homework suggestion to go with this article.