I love this website, making the viewer see the world through comedy and with a less or more critical eye.  Sarcasm is indeed a very powerful tool.

Questions for thought:

  1. What do you do to deal with stress?
  2. Do you think that these thoughts are common?
  3. What would your recommendation be, if it varies from that of the presenter?
  4. Care to share your thoughts on the video?




Transcription for vocabulary:


The constant demands of modern life can seem mentally and physically overwhelming at times.

But is stress real or are you just weak and pathetic?

This is The Whole Body.

Juggling your many responsibilities may leave you feeling trapped and paralyzingly anxious.

But what you call stress is nothing more than a manifestation of your personal frailty filtered through your inability to function like all other normal people do.  The simple fact is, the shortness of breath you get when thinking about the pressures of your life, this only happens to you. Everyone else is totally fine.  You may think that you should be concerned about a bad breakup or a big project at work, but that is not how normal people react to those things.  None of your coworkers are worried about getting fired.  Nobody around you gets upset about their relationship with their parents, just you. Life throws the same problems at everyone.

Here is a normal person dealing with those problems, and here is you, not doing that at all, even though everyone else can.

When confronted with a demanding situation, the human body doesn’t get tense and jittery at all, only you do, because you’re a coward, who can’t deal with real life, and that needs to change.

Take a deep breath.  Isn’t that nice?  That’s how everyone except you feels all the time.  It’s that easy.  Even for big problems like war and disease, why do you care? You’re not fighting in a war. And even people who are don’t get upset about it like you do.  So you may think you have innumerable problems and obligations crushing you, but here’s the good news, you don’t.  Nothing is a problem.  Problems aren’t real. They only exist because you think about them.  And this weakness you have is causing you real problems, things like insomnia and high blood pressure that nobody else has to deal with. So when it comes to moving past this imaginary thing you call stress, all you need to remember is that the only thing wrong with you is you.