Photo by Spencer @Unsplash

Generation Z is perhaps the first generation to have grown up without associating reading with printed books. For everyone who did not grow up with a digital device in their hands, books are the most natural thing when it comes to reading. That’s precisely why reading books remains of the utmost importance in our education system. Indeed, experts have measured greater cognitive mental stimulation and brain exercise through the process of reading. Additionally, reading improves communication skills as the more one reads, the more vocabulary and knowledge one can acquire. It also enhances writing abilities and focus, making it easier to convey a message. Creative individuals also note that reading books improves their imagination and overall sense of empathy, increasing emotional intelligence in the process.

However, it becomes essential to ask ourselves whether books are the key to those skills and abilities, or whether the storytelling process can create similar benefits outside of the printed pages. Indeed, there is more than one medium to share stories, and they all have their advantages.

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