Photo by Kelly Sikkema @Unsplash

As eLearning experiences continue to scale as the de facto modality for learners in a remote world, it’s increasingly important for designers and developers to craft content that’s engaging, applicable, and empathetic to the needs of learners. Time is a very limited resource, and our job is to convince employees and leaders that learning is worth the investment.

As it stands, it’s simply too easy for learners to disengage with online learning by multitasking, button-smashing through content, or disregarding opportunities altogether. In these all-too-common scenarios, even if the completion rates are high, the amount of actual learning transfer may still be low—in which case, what’s the point? Moreover, research shows that once we think we’re good enough at our jobs (usually after just a few years in a profession), we stop trying to learn and instead focus solely on our daily work.

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