Photo by John Schnobrich @Unsplash

The eLearning industry has seen rapid growth in the past few years. From slideshows to AR technology, it has evolved a lot. A Statista report says, currently, more than 3.8 billion smartphone users exist in the market. And now, with that many users, many developers have started offering services via mobile apps for almost everything, be it learning, traveling, or even eating, there’s a mobile app that already exists.

Now, with such digitalization, which has grown, especially during COVID-19, eLearning has kept learners and teachers connected. Even though colleges and universities were closed, eLearning made sure that the learning process did not stop. It also helped students and teachers stay protected against the deadly virus.

The culture of online learning started in 1990 when Duke University and Cornell University initiated online certification programs. Currently, online courses have more than six million students globally.


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