How has the world’s perception of how Brexit would affect it?

The most recent explanation of the situation can be seen in this video –

MPs Reject Johnson’s Election Plans… Why? – Brexit Explained


Try comparing thoughts with this explanation taken from an article in CECA in 2016.

Of course, the content of each isn’t along the same line, one isan update on a political situation, another is a previous forcast.  However, what I want you to do with this is to tell me – how has your vision changed?

Personally – I’m somewhat worried about seeing some of my friends less. I do think though that the economical balance of the world is about to change. It will be interesting to see just how much – as London used to be the centre of the ecnomical world.  That is why we all speak English as a second language – right?

Some people have actually made the comment of not wanting to continue with English not being the official second language of the world – but to reverse to Spanish.  What do you think?