This article gives advice to the readers on what to do so that everything is ready for 2020.  She even provides a checklist.  Do you have a checklist (at least in your mind) of things you should do in order to improve your economic situation?  Of course, this article is directed to an American audience (from the USA).  Is there much of a difference with what you should do?  How would this article be written if the readers were Spanish?

Basic vocabulary necessary for everyday financial situations is covered – and it’s an easy read, so I highly recommend taking 5 minutes and going over it.  Year end returns to personal budgets – it has it all.  One thing that I do find different – and, by all means, correct me if I’m wrong, is the importance that is given to personal credit.  I mean, most people I know in Canada or the States are always looking in to their credit.  Do people do that in Spain? Is it even possible to do a self credit-check?

Suggested homework:  make your own list! Send us the questions to see how you did.  Or – better yet, compare advice to be given to Spaniards, and back your arguments up with facts.

Have a great week!