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Gamification of learning

Photo by Lorenzo Herrera @Unsplash

Online educational games for children are a great way to build the skills they need to succeed in school. Primarily, games provide teacher-created and approved educational computer games to elementary school students to learn math, language, and art over the Internet. Educational games are an alternative for children besides learning with pencils and paper.

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Learners’ Problems Technology Can Solve

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng @Unsplash

While advances in technology and digital communication have made it easier to deliver incredible content everywhere, it has also created a unique set of new challenges. In this article, we will discuss how these challenges affect students and learners, and how we can use technology to conquer them.

Technology, when deployed thoughtfully, can significantly improve how we learn and retain knowledge while helping our minds stay focused and engaged. It can make education more accessible, knowledge more addictive, and students more motivated and on track to achieve their goals. But it’s not a replacement for teachers so much as a tool to be wielded in helping create safe, productive, and fun learning environments for all.

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