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The Role of Digital Learning in the Post-pandemic Classroom

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The COVID-19 pandemic pushed colleges and universities to digital learning platforms at a faster rate than anyone could have anticipated. This not only shifted the classroom environment, but also changed how students and educators engage in the learning experience.

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more readily available, colleges are now focused on reopening campuses, determining what the future classroom will look like and how new online teaching methods and technologies will fit in. What can these institutions take away from a year of remote learning and what benefits can online learning and digital tools offer for the post-pandemic classroom?

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Longterm Online Learning in Higher Education

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At this point, most colleges that have announced their plans for the spring are intending to continue their modality and residence choices from the fall. Many have brought students back to campus but are continuing most instruction online. Others have encouraged students to stay home. For students at colleges that have gone remote, that means they will likely experience over a year of online learning.

Research has shown that remote learning can be as good or better than in-person learning for the students who choose it. But thousands of students will soon be entering their third semester of remote instruction despite having self-selected for an in-person college experience.

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Study suggests social networks encourage active learning among students

Photo by Anton Maksimov juvnsky @Unsplash

A recent study published by Frontiers in Education suggests that certain s, namely WhatsApp and Google Drive, can be just as effective a mode of communication between students and their instructors as face-to-face meetings. The study was conducted using a sample of 123 Spanish pre-service students, all of whom are studying to obtain their Educational Master’s Degree from the University of Granada, Spain.

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Building your organization’s learning innovation capabilities

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If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that planning is only as good as an organization’s ability to adapt. The learning and education landscapes have shifted dramatically and technology has planned a critical role in connecting people and enabling learning experiences. While working with many organizations to re-thinking their education and learning programs, there is an interest in capitalizing on the opportunities afforded by learning innovation and emerging technologies, but also a need to look to the future.

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