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Role of mobile APPs in the eLearning industry

Photo by NorWood Themes @Unsplash

Technology has been a game-changer for so many industries. Education and corporate learning are one such sector that has experienced a massive changeover in terms of its deliverables because of this digital drive. In this article, you will be acquainted with how mobile applications are giving a positive push to the eLearning industry. Apart from this, you will be accustomed to the perks of m-learning, the role of m-learning amongst corporates and the education industry, and finally to the mobile applications in the eLearning sector. Let’s begin.

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Greta Thunberg and her case

She certainly has got the attention of the world.  What is it about her saying it that makes everybody pay attention?  Her passion about the subject, the fact that she is a kid, her carefully selected words?  I guess it’s a bit of everything.

I know quite a few people who are making changes in their lives to do with climate change. A few friends who have taken up the challenge of limiting their plastic consumption – with the goal of 0 consumption in a year. Do you think that is even possible? Do you think they would be observed as aliens in our current society?

I actually think not – I think a few years ago it could have been the case. Not any more.

It really does seem to be the time to TAKE ACTION.

Suggested homework:

  1. Listen once to Greta speaking.
  2. List (by memory) bullet points that she makes in her speech.
  3. Write about what you personally could do.
  4. Comment on any thoughts her speech may provoke in you.

Link to original video on youtube.

Officially helping someone with imposter syndrome

This short article deals with what a mentor should do to mentor someone with imposter syndrome.  Reality has it that quite a few of us out there suffer from this.  The imposter syndrome doesn’t let the person who suffers from it recognize their own success, never believing they deserve what they have, based on their own merit.  It mentions what to do – but it does not say anything about what one SHOULD NOT do.  Any thoughts you’d care to share on that?

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