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How to make compliance training engaging

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Mandatory compliance training has a bad reputation—it’s seen as boring and often nothing more than a tick-box exercise to sit through in a lecture or click next through in static eLearning. Such training is often delivered as part of an employee onboarding process.

There are two major problems for an organisation when this is the case. To avoid creating a culture of disinterest when it comes to learning, here we look at how to make compliance training engaging through the use of effective eLearning content and a learning platform that makes it easy and enjoyable to access.

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Top tips to embrace employee feedback

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There is a certain stigma associated with feedback for many of us. We might be the first to admit our own shortcomings, but it’s different when others point them out. And it’s this fear of being “criticized” that often makes employees shy away from the feedback process. Or, worse yet, what if a co-worker mentions that you need to work on something that you consider to be one of your strengths? This is why it’s crucial to normalize feedback within your organization and encourage team members to shift their perspectives. They need to understand that feedback isn’t something to be afraid of, but an opportunity to grow and see things from a different point of view.

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The metaverse in eLearning

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When Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, the term metaverse became a buzzword overnight. In addition to generating excitement, this concept has garnered interest in its potential to impact the future of digital interaction. Neal Stephenson coined the term “metaverse” in his sci-fi novel Snow Crash, in which he imagined lifelike avatars interacting with each other in realistic 3D buildings and other Virtual Reality (VR) environments. In January 2022, Google and Microsoft followed suit and announced investments in the metaverse. According to Statista, the metaverse market size is expected to reach $47.48 billion, before rising to $678.8 billion by 2030.

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Rethinking eLearning!

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Your operational leaders are desperate. They’re desperate for impactful learning initiatives; desperate to get employees to be more effective in their roles; desperate to have them be more innovative in their approach; and desperate for them to be more collaborative in sharing internal knowledge among everyone. Their desperation aligns with a need to manage and keep up with constantly changing environments, competitive forces, and to meet performance expectations. And guess what? eLearning is the solution they want, but not in the way you believe. Rethinking eLearning is essential.

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It’s good to laugh whilst learning

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The phrase “bring your whole self to work” has perhaps been overused over the past few years across management meetings, networking events, and even LinkedIn. The phrase may be a tired one, but the notion is still quite fresh and perfectly challenges the familiar stereotype of us needing to have a certain professional “persona” at work. In fact, the “whole self” that we so often leave behind in our homes is the part of us that makes us unique and remarkable. And the part of us that could perhaps make us a better professional and a better learner.

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Hybrid learning case study: cutting-edge educational experiences

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The Learning Network (TLN) conducted a 5-month needs assessment to dive deeper into what educational gaps existed and how they might be resolved. TLN interviewed frontline workers, supervisors, managers, and the executive team to document what worked in the past and what didn’t. The team also sought to learn how COVID-19 impacted employees’ wants and needs from an L&D perspective.

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ELINGUA lanza el único curso con IA y disponible en el metaverso


Son muchas las noticias que circulan en internet a cerca del impacto que, la Inteligencia Artificial y el Metaverso, puede provocar en la organización y en la gestión de nuestras empresas. Y los efectos que tendrán en nuestras vidas personales. Paralelamente, como cuando aparece todo elemento innovador, se complementa con noticias negativas: despidos, deshinchamiento de la burbuja tech…

Lo cierto es que, más pronto que tarde, la evolución de las nuevas generaciones, van a pedir que se implanten en nuestra forma de llevar la vida, estas nuevas tecnologías. Sobre todo porque el “nuevo joven consumidor/usuario” es tremendamente eficiente y todo lo quiere con inmediatez.

Por tanto, la realidad es la que es: estas tecnologías han llegado para quedarse. Y lo mejor de todo es que, también en breve, irán apareciendo aplicaciones prácticas para el desarrollo definitivo, como la de Elingua que ya es una realidad.

Elingua ha desarrollado la primera y única herramienta que permite al alumno interactuar con un Asistente Virtual Inteligente mientras aprendes inglés, jugar en el Metaverso en un Escape room o entrenar cuantas veces quieras tu Speaking. Si quieres aplicarlo en tu empresa, podemos habilitar aulas en el Metaverso para que los alumnos se enganchen más al curso. 

Seguro que va a ser un revulsivo importante para generar mayor impacto en la organización.


Si quieres probarlo, envía un mail a : ; o contacta al número: 608787320



Using an online directory for enterprise virtual conferencing solution

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Choosing the right virtual conferencing solutions for large enterprises is usually the task that everyone dreads, as it involves so much online research, vendor vetting, and tool test drives. And that’s after you get all the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and budgeting out of the way. However, there is a way to simplify the process and make it more manageable. An exclusive online directory can help you evaluate options so that it’s easier to create a vendor shortlist; namely, RFP-worthy providers that are in your price range and offer the necessary support.

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The modern learning ecosystem

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Disruption is a term that is often used in business and technology contexts. It refers to a process or event that causes a significant change in the way that something is done. Whether it is “positive” or “negative” really depends on your context. Think of disruption as a huge wave that suddenly appears in the ocean. Some are thrilled to ride it while others don’t want the boat to be rocked at all. The Learning and Development (L&D) industry has been talking about disruption for years. A modern learning ecosystem (MLE) is about doing.

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Leverage learning and training digitization

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For many businesses, especially those within the knowledge-based economy, existing employees are their greatest asset. Staff turnover is expensive for any business. Studies in the UK showed that the direct cost of replacement is over £30,000 on average to replace an employee earning over £25,000 per annum. However, more detrimental is often the indirect cost that comes with losing valuable knowledge and experience—something that is far harder to measure.

Facilitating and encouraging knowledge sharing across your organization can be an extremely effective way to both enhance productivity within your existing teams and mitigate the brain drain that comes with staff turnover.

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