First things first – the picture is “just a pretty window” – I didn’t want to steal any images. Follow through with the article and to her web and you will have plenty to see of her original work.

At this stage of life, we all know that our companies must and can do their part in forging a better – more sustainable future.  But – does it have to be so ugly?  I’ve had so many conversations with people who shared an unwarranted opinion with me – that solar energy didn’t work anyways, and why would we want to damage the views!?  If we were to listen to this designer – the excuses would be up.  Enjoy this short Ted Talk and see how this woman will change the non-believers.

Go to youtube and see the original video.

Better yet, go to her website and truly be inspired.

Suggested homework:

What ideas does she give in her talk, as initiatives that anyone could take on as their own?

Have you thought about taking serious steps in improving your clean energy? How would you go about it?