Am I too old to learn English?


As we grow older, we become more selective, we (hopefully!) tend to make better decisions and begin to learn from our own mistakes acquired throughout our lives.  Isn’t this the perfect time to learn a language?

We are a bit more tired, have many more things to do, responsibilities… which makes us all want to economize our time better.

At 45 and I believe that I am much more organized, thrifty, and efficient.  I believe that if I invest my time in something, it should be worthwhile, and that, from the very beginning, I find myself organizing anything at an efficient rate.  I can apply this thought to anything… my free time… time to myself, my social life, the way I clean my house or organize my closet.  And of course, the way I work.

So… apply this to language learning!  YOU know how you learn better.  You know when you study best, and the best way for you to practice or retain material.  Language learning is very individual, not one person stores the information in the same place, and each one of us access our memory paths in a very personal way.  Use this to your advantage.  Try different methods; do not think that if one methodology does not work for you, then it is your fault.

Nowadays, there are so many ways of indulging yourself… tv, movies, articles, books, get-togethers, exchanges, classes of all sorts:  in-company; online, telephone; virtual; skype; seminars; private classes… the list goes on.  Any of these methods can adapt to your particular needs and timetables… so look for something that suits you, according to who you are.

Do not let fear get in your way.  This is your life, your future, your decisions.  I am quite sure that if you get a plumber to fix your sink, and it remains leaky… well, your reaction isn’t going to be that you are just not made to have a tap that doesn’t leak, and that that’s the way it is.